"It is time to learn that."

Translation:Es ist Zeit das zu lernen.

January 16, 2013

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What is wrong with 'Es ist Zeit um das zu lernen'?


If i remember correctly "um... zu" means in order to, so that would translate to "it is time in order to learn that"


Mmm, Well, most of the time "in order to" is shortend to just "to" in English.


What is wrong with "Es ist soweit das zu lernen"


That i believe would translate to "it is so far as..." rather than "it is time"


But "Es ist soweit" is often given as meaning "It is time" or "The time has come" https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1189421


Just basing my understand off reading the link you left for me (thanks btw) further down they are saying that translation is in the form of an idiom. So direct translation kinda gets thrown out the window there (ie: "Ich druecke dir die Daumben" translating to "I'm crossing my fingers for you" when the literal translation would be "I am pressing my thumbs for you" Not the greatest example considering in Germany they actually DO press their thumbs for you rather than crossing their fingers, but you get the point) If you read further down the link a native mentions how the literal translation plays into it: " buddhatwig 12 It means literally "we've come this far (to get to this point)" So it's time. " (I would've linked it, but don't know how to link individual comments)


I offered "Es ist soweit, das zu lernen" as my first choice and still think it's a valid option. It does, however add a sense of:- "you've been putting it off too long: it's now time to learn that" the first part of which can be delivered simply with a tone of voice. Duo's offering is much more literal, though........ and for purposes of this course, that's fine!


Es ist Zeit dies zu lernen ... ?!?!?!?


Should this have a comma after Zeit?


No, you don't have to put comma before "zu". The rule was for "um... zu" but-as far ad I remember- this rule was canceled with the language reform some time ago, so one could either put the comma or leave it. However, a native speaker should better confirm or correct it. :-)


Es ist an der Zeit, das zu lernen?


Could one use 'dazu' here, or does it need to be 'das zu' because of 'that' instead of 'it'?


Would "zu erfahren“ work here?


What is wrong with "Es ist Zeit darueber zu lernen?"


It would be translated as "It's time to learn about it", which has a different meaning


Is "Es ist Zeit, dass wir das lernen" wrong?


Yes, because the construction with "zu" must be used here


Too bad that construction has not yet been taught.

Fortunately, I recalled it from school, decades ago, but yet another ambush for unsuspecting learners.


Es ist an der Zeit, das zu lernen. Anyone any idea why this is not accepted, please?

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