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"Я больше не интересуюсь футболом."

Translation:I am not interested in football anymore.

February 15, 2016



How does adding больше give the context that the person is not interested "anymore?"

Isn't больше for comparisons for more and less?


Good for me as a German to memorize. "Nicht mehr" has the same double meaning as "больше не" - "not more (of sth)" and "not anymore (unlike before)". Though I guess "not more (of sth)" would be "не больше"?!

To my ears there is no difference indeed. The speaker says that his limit of interest is now reached. English seems to make an additional difference between amount and timeline:

  1. I do not have (even) more interest (than I still have anyway).

  2. The time for me being interested in football is over.


Thanks for the comparison to German, in the Netherlands we say: 'niet meer', it is a lot easier to understand and remember now!


Haha, this question popped up for me just after Russia got knocked out of the world cup.


Why was "I am not interested anymore in football" not accepted?


Yes. That is also my question. The idea sounds the same to me. I think English people can answer this better, please.

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The translation "football no longer interests me" has the exact same meaning.


I am no longer interested in football.


So is it contextually similar to "I couldn't care less"?


"I couldn't care less" expresses complete indifference. You don't care and probably never cared. The fly on the window is more interesting than [it]. In Russian you can say for it "мне совершенно/абсолютно всё равно", "меня это абсолютно не волнует", "меня это совершенно не интересует", "мне это безразлично".

"Я больше не интересуюсь футболом" means that you used to like football before but not anymore. Now you are interested in some other things. Больше = anymore, any longer.


How could u not like soccer

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