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"Han barberer sig med en skraber."

Translation:He shaves with a razor.

February 15, 2016



He shaves him (self)...


Interestingly, google translate feels that skraber actually means 'scraper', and that razer is actually barberkniv - which ...seems sensible. Is Duolingo attempting to give us a simple(r) version for now, or is skraber actually what people call it?


Seems like skraber is a razor (among other things) in general, but a barbermaskine or barberkniv is the tool used only for shaving (face, legs etc.) Skraber in Ordnet.dk


From looking ar illustrations of the two words, I'd say that a skraber is a safety razor while a barberkniv is a cut-throat razor. Meanwhile, a barbermaskine would be an electric razor.


med ... thats seems to have a billion meanings

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