"We will be looking for the solution."

Translation:Będziemy szukać rozwiązania.

February 15, 2016

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Would this be for feminine? Like if a group of women was looking for something? Then what would be the masculine? Just szukać?


There are three ways of saying this

  • Będziemy szukały rozwiązania. group of women speaking

  • Będziemy szukali rozwiązania. Group that has at least one man . (I would say more common to be said when the group is a group of men, or a male representative is saying this in making a statement about a bigger group of people).

  • Będziemy szukać rozwiązania. Any group of people. Used for mixed groups, but also for all male and all female when it is easier to say / personal preference (infinitive is one syllabe shorter)


Don't you mean one "letter" shorter? :)


Both observations are accurate:

  • szu-ka-li / szu-ka-ły - 7 letters, 3 syllables
  • szu-kać - 6 letters, 2 syllables
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