"Nie niosę kanapek do szkoły."

Translation:I am not carrying sandwiches to school.

February 15, 2016

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I understand that Polish uses other words when writing this sentence... but I sounds very odd in English to say "I am/am not carrying sandwiches" unless you are literally carrying them in your hands. In English it makes more sense to say I bring, or take.


can i also say. I do not take sandwíches to school?


No this sentence is very peculiar. It means exactly what is translated.

Where are you carrying those sanwiches? To school?
No, I am not carrying sandwiches to school.

Niosę is the "right now" kind of verb, along with idę, płynę etc.

Nie noszę/nie biorę/nie zabieram kanapek do szkoły are what would be translated I do not carry/take/bring sandwiches to school.


so may i could say: i am not taking sandwiches to school?


I do not know , because " i am not taking sandwiches to school" makes some sense and "Nie niosę kanapek do szkoły" does not.


and what about that? Biorę kanapki do szkoły


That means I am taking/ I take sandwiches to school.

And nie biorę kanapek do szkoły means I am not taking/ I do not take sandwiches to school.


the "not" is missing

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