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  5. "Siamo a cena."

"Siamo a cena."

Translation:We are at dinner.

December 25, 2013



Why not "we are at the dinner" Sometimes it order you to add "the" even if italian sentence is without articles, and sometimes it's forbid. 90% percent of my errors with articles in english. it's frustrating


Learners, please note that "We are at dinner" is a proper English statement.

In fact, we do say "I am at supper / lunch / dinner".

It implies that we are at an event / a location.

Please read the comments posted by georgefraser123.

Also, there is a subtle difference between

• Siamo a cena.
• [ We are at dinner. ]

• Siamo alla cena.
• [ We are at the dinner. ]

"THE dinner" refers to a specific dinner.

Just like in the movie "Groundhog Day", when Phil (Bill Murray) said, "I'm a god — I'm not the God ...".

:) KK


Exactly how I feel about Italian.


Is 'We are having dinner' correct?


Ceniamo means we are having dinner


Ciao Edoardo penso che anche tu sia italiano come me, comunque l'esperimento che sto conducendo è quello di rispolverare l'italiano da una buona base d'inglese aquisita con Duo. Letteralmente la frase in inglese da te scritta è "stiamo cenando " come corretta alternativa a quella qui proposta puoi segnalarla. Ciao a presto e a disposizione


I would think so! At dinner sounds stilted!


Duo didnt accept it in my case...


We are at dinner is clunky English at best. We are dining, we are eating dinner, we are having dinner sound better. None of these should be marked as wrong.


"We are at dinner" is what I would say if we were at a restaurant or Buckingham Palace. Not clunky English to me, just more formal.

"We are having dinner" is what I would say if we were eating at someone's (normal) house or a relaxed meal.

If I were dining with the Queen, I would say we are 'at dinner' because in this case the dinner is more of an event to be 'attended' than a combination of ingredients that is being 'had' or 'eaten'.

We (British English) would also use "at dinner" or "at breakfast" if you are eating in a hotel for example. This is because there is usually a time slot when these meals are served - drawing the focus towards the event and away from the food itself.


And I assume this is different than American English.


I entirely agree. We are having dinner should be absolutely accepted as correct.


Is "We are at dinner" correct in English? Why not "a dinner"?


If you say "We are a dinner" In english it means you are the dinner --> You will be eaten soon :)


Can I say, "Siamo alla cena?"


We use a but not al or something why


Cena is feminine - so why not "Siamo alla cena"?

Or would that mean 'we are at the dinner' - ie at some kind of dinner event or, as someone suggests, at a hotel dinner which takes place within a time slot.


This English translation doesn't seem to be the right one. I believe the translation should be: We are having dinner or we are dinning. Any native English speaker please correct me.


can i use noi siamo?


i think that you could translate this as "we are having dinner"


Can I say Stiamo a cena?


yes, but people will think you're inside the steak you're eating the way you put it. if you want to say that you're eating the dinner, rather than being insie it, use essere or sia.


Great way to ditch those untimely phone calls


I think "we are having dinner" should be correct, no? But it wasn't for me...


I swear 'a' sounds exactly like 'ha'.


That is very true, but ha is a verb he/she/it has while a is a preposition at


"We have dinner" as translation for "Siamo a cena" should be correct.

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