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  5. "Oni sprzedają jabłka."

"Oni sprzedają jabłka."

Translation:They are selling apples.

February 15, 2016



It sounds like "spreading", and if they sell they are kinda spreading the apples to the buyers


How is the cluster SPRZE pronounced, I find it spoken to fast in the audio to get a good listen....


i think it's kinda like "spsheh" if that was possible in english. try say the sp in sport and then the she in sheraton right after it haha.


This is very difficult to pronounce, you should see how I distort my face to try to get it right, my son speaks Polish, so he always laughing when he sees me trying.


I thought the plural of jabtko was jabtwek, so shouldn't it be selling an apple?


The letter in the middle of "jabłko" is not T. It's Ł, a special variant of L, very common in Polish. It makes the English 'w' sound. ł looks similar to t in lowercase, but it's a completely different letter.

"jabłek" would be plural Genitive.

The Nominative (the basic variant) of "apples" is "jabłka". For not masculine-personal nouns (so most plural nouns), the Accusative is identical to Nominative. As you use Accusative here, you have "Oni sprzedają jabłka".


thank you, that makes sense. I don't know how to change my keyboard to incorporate the Polish letters, hence the t?


Well, if anything, use L. Well, it depends on what you use. And what is your first language. If you normally use an English keyboard, you can just use a Polish one instead and remove the English one - Polish has everything that you need for English. If you use a smartphone app, then I would recommend using SwiftKey.


dzieki, have just taken this up again after a break since my holiday in Poland!!


Moja polska dziewczyna powiedziała że duolingo wymawia jabłka źle.


My Polish wife calls the 'ja-buł-ka pronounciation hyper-correct, what some think it should be, while people just say 'jab-ka', while expecting 'ja-buł-ka' from foreigners...

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