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Alle und Alles?

Hallo! I have a question or two regarding alle and alles. I can kind of distinguish the difference between the two. I have seen alle use more for everyone, anyone, and in general, when you're talking about people. Alles, on the other hand, I have seen used as everything and anything. My issue, however, is with "all." I'm not sure which to use when saying all. I looked at the examples given by Duolingo, and I couldn't really tell much of a difference. Can anyone help out and explain it?

December 25, 2013



"alles" standing alone is everything: Ich habe alles aufgegessen = I have eaten everything

"alle" standing alone is everyone: Alle sind gekommen = everyone has come

However, if you add a noun to "alle" it means "all the...": Alle Autos sind verschneit = all (the) cars are snowed over. It can be used for things and people alike.


So alles isn't used with nouns?


It is in certain cases, like the rare case when alle* is used with a singular neuter, like "alles Wasser ist verbraucht" (= all the water is used up). Normally, you use the noun after "alle" in plural, but if you have something uncountable, you use the singular. And of course you have to decline the "alle" depending on the case the noun stands in.


Thanks for helping me understand that. I appreciate it!


so can we say " Alle Probleme haben eine Lösung" ?


The (the) in brackets mean that you can leave it out, so "all problems have a solution" is equally correct.


Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. If you could just answer me this that'd be swell (: So, in that example, "Alle Probleme haben eine Losung" Can that also mean "All problems have a solution?" Or is it just All (the) problems have a solution? Viel Danke


Thanks. Na verdade hue é hue. E br é BR


Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit, "all" (ohne Endungen) zu verwenden, wenn einen Artikel oder ein Possessivpronomen davor steht. Diese Verwendung ist eine Einschränkung von "alle"

  • All die anderen haben so wenig.

  • All ihre Katzen sind tot.


So, would I say, "ich sehe alle autos", or "ich sehe alles autos"?


so , Does "alle" = "jeder" ???????????????


"jeder" can mean "every" or "each" which looks at each individual in a group.

"alle" treats the group as an entire group without looking at each individual. http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/allemand-anglais/jeder


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