"Wasza rodzina jest mała."

Translation:Your family is small.

February 15, 2016

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Would this mean, "you only have a few people in your family", or "everyone in your family is short"?


A few people.

I think wasza rodzina jest niska is everyone in your family is short


Why not "little"?


It offers you the option of - 's - so I constructed "Your family's small." and it was marked as wrong.


I am surprised that there was a tile/puzzle with 's... I just added your answer manually, but generally it's safer to answer in full words.


No problem, here is a screenshot of it. I would normally not use the contraction, I just thought id try it and was just suprised that it didnt allow it, given that it was possible!



Thanks, a screenshot is always useful, but here it seems like an unlucky coincidence. The algorithm doesn't accept such contractions (family is = family's) automatically, people rarely report such answers, this tile was supposed to be one of the random distractors, the wrong words. It must come from a sentence like let's say "This is Adam's watch" where it's the only answer and the system treats "Adam's" as "Adam + 's", separately. Anyway, it's an interesting situation.

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