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  5. "Одне село"

"Одне село"

Translation:One village

February 15, 2016



Чому не «country»?

February 15, 2016

[deactivated user]

    I think 'country' can mean 'village' only in some contexts (e.g. 'we went to the country' = «ми поїхали в село»), but not in this case: 'one country' is much more likely to be understood «одна країна» (i.e. 'one nation, one state') and not 'country as opposed to a city'.

    February 15, 2016


    In American English (I can't speak to British or other flavors of English) , country never means village. It is used to refer to everywhere outside of any city, town, or village.

    May 22, 2016


    country чем вам не угодило?

    January 5, 2019
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