"Jesteśmy ludźmi."

Translation:We are people.

February 15, 2016

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Which case is ludzmi in this sentence; intrumental?


What context is "PeopleS" used in this sentence?


None, "peoples" is not a part of any correct answer here... "ludzie" and its other forms mean "people", which is already plural.


Why do we need instrumental?


Can a group of women also say Ještemy ludžmi?


Gender specific already ehy should they?


We are a band of brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHRWKTl_uRQ (Pendragon is a polish band)


Can we say 'my są ludźmi'?


You could say "My jesteśmy ludźmi".

"Są" is only for 3rd person plural, which is not the case here.


I think that's a colloquial way of speaking. My babci says uses są instead of jesteśmy. I feel like it's part of a "country bumpkin" dialect.


There is a poem by L.J. Kern that ends with a popular line "Bo między Bugiem a Odromnysom To najważniejsze ze wszystkich - my som" ("som" here is a satirical misspelling of "są"). The poem's title is "Dzień chuligana" ("Hooligan's day"), it was written in 1963 and it presents many such grammatical errors (it is written from a point of view of an uneducated hoodlum). /Edit: The form could be encountered "in the wild" in southern Poland, in Silesia and Subcarpathia, but also written "my som" rather than "my są", reflecting regional pronounciation. In Silesian (which is actually a separate and codified language, it even has its own wikipedia), it is written "my sōm". It's a dialect, but not necessarily a "country bumpkin" one, since Upper Silesia is actually the largest urbanized area in Poland.


I hate when it offers 'are' and 'and' options together. There's no way I can lexically mix these, but I'm 'blind' in this case and click the first three-letter word starting with 'a' without a second thought. It's a trap!

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