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  5. "Mae'r chwaraewr yn flinedig."

"Mae'r chwaraewr yn flinedig."

Translation:The player is tired.

February 15, 2016


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When should you use "yn flinedig" instead of "wedi blino"?


They're interchangeable unless you need an adjective.

You can translate The player is tired as either Mae'r chwaraewr yn flinedig or Mae'r chwaraewr wedi blino, but the only way to translate The tired player kicks the ball is Mae'r chwaraewr blinedig yn cicio'r bêl.

(Ok, you could say Mae'r chwaraewr sy wedi blino yn cicio'r bêl, but if you can handle clauses like that you have no business doing a beginner's course.)


Sounds like MAE not MAE'R

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