Question about assignments in Duolingo Dashboard.

I have never used the assignments (using duolingo dashboard to give students an xp goal or the goal of completing a particular lesson. I have, however given them xp goals and used the dashboard to check manually.

I was just exploring the dashboard lessons and have a couple questions:

  1. If I assign a particular skill lesson (reach and complete past imperfect) because we are currently in that unit and they already have it done from awhile back, will it just show up automatically as having done it? I ask because I don't want them to think they just received an assignment they do not have to do. I would like them to review that lesson (they might not know it well enough to speak and hearing the correct input again may be helpful).

  2. Also, I noticed that in the pull down bar for assigning skill lessons there was a percent next to each lesson. It seemed that the further down the tree you go, the lower percent the lesson is. Does this mean that if I assign a particular lesson, it will show up as completed when the student attains that percent (even if they are already there at the moment it is assigned) and is there any way to change the percent? Some of the percents were as low as 15%! If we are working on any given lesson, I would like them to attain a greater than 15%.

Thanks Todd

February 15, 2016


Hi there!

1) If some of your students have already completed a skill, they will receive an email that gives them a heads-up that the skill was assigned, but they are not required to complete it. Here is a screenshot of what that email could look like: assignment email for already completed skills

2) The percentage indicates how many of your students have already completed a given skill. :) This is meant to help you identify skills that would make a good skill assignment - for example, if 100% of your students have completed the skill, there is not much sense in assigning it. In the screenshot below, you can see that 3% of my class has completed the "Plurales" skill, so 97% of the class would still be required to complete it if I assigned the skill. However, since skill assignments require students to reach and complete the assigned skills as well as all the skills along the way, assigning "Plurales" means that 67% of my students also have to finish "Comida" first, 85% have to finish "Animales", 90% have to finish "Adjetivos" and so on. completion percentages It's good to keep in mind that assigning a single skill can mean that one student needs to finish 5 other skills to get there, while another may only have to finish one.

February 17, 2016

Thanks for the helpful response. OK, so many of my students go ahead and learn topics we aren't addressing in class. They may have completed these lessons, but I would want them to strengthen it when we do get there. So it doesn't seem like there is a way to monitor this. I know that manually I can click on the eyeball in activity details (which is now invisible), but still works and see the specific lessons completed and their timestamps. But again, this is manual and time consuming and has nothing to do with the assignments feature. It doesn't seem like the assignment feature has a way to monitor this. Can you confirm?


February 18, 2016

That is correct, there is currently no way to check if your students practiced a skill after it was assigned. We have had several requests for this feature though, so we might offer this in the future!

February 18, 2016
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