Stuck at 2/7 of 現在形 1

Hello 皆さん, I am trying to learn Japanese through the JP-EN course and I am stuck at 2/7 現在形1. In the third lesson of that unit there is a sentence 'He pays me' whose correct translation according to Duolingo, is '彼は私に払います。' I typed the exact same thing and was marked wrong, which would have not been such a big problem but the lesson is throwing the same sentence at me again and again that it's impossible to finish. Am I missing something? By the way I also tried '彼は私に払う' but to no avail. Guess I will have to review all the previous lessons until this glitch gets fixed :-(.

February 15, 2016



Hi yangluphil, could you try again? We've pushed a fix. Thanks!

I finished the lesson. Thank you for the quick fix! ありがとう