Translation:dydd Mercher

February 15, 2016

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Why doesn't 'Mercher' count this time?


I also do not understand why dydd is necessary here


Because it's the equivalent of saying "Wednes". "Dydd " means "Day".


Hi all, I put dydd Marwth, can anyone suggest some ways on how to remember the days of the week? I get confused with Marwth and Mercher! Thanks.

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Maybe if you think of the planets (or Roman gods) that they refer to?

Llun = An old word for 'The Moon' (current word for the Moon is 'Y Lleuad)

Mawrth = Mars

Mercher = Mercury

Iau = Jupiter

Gwener = Venus

Sadwrn = Saturn

Sul = Sol; an old name for The Sun (Current name 'Yr Haul')

Also they are similar to the words in French/Spanish and Italian because of the similar Latin roots.


A simple one to do with word length - 'Tuesday' is shorter than 'Wednesday', and 'dydd Mawrth' is shorter than 'dydd Mercher'


Someone suggested that if you know french you can think:

MAwrth = MArdi = tuesday

MERCredi = MERCher =. Wednesday


I watched weather forecast in Welsh. I couldn't understand a single word as he talked so fast, but could recognise all the day names at the top of the screen. My husband was impressed.


Hey! Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations! I like watching and listening to things like the weather forecast, the traffic updates, and even (!) football, as the vocab is likely to be predictable, and the subject-area more defined. I can now listen for what the weather will be up to in the east, west, north, south, how many degrees celsius it's going to be...

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