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Feature/Idea: "Hide Text Mode" to refine practice!

I'm relatively new to DL so I hope this isn't a popular request, but I've noticed that I'm using a few tricks to help myself better learn the languages I'm practicing that might make for a good feature...

When I'm going through the lessons (especially on my 2nd or 3rd runs through ones I've already completed, or just doing practice) I will often cover parts of the screen with my hand or intentionally look away so I don't read all of the text on the screen.

Why? Well, for example, with the multiple choice questions, it's usually pretty easy to figure out the correct answer through a process of elimination. If the questions asks you to translate "The boys are eating apples" you might only need to remember the word for "apples" since only once choice may have "apples" in it. It seems the goal of this exercise is to remember how to translate it without these tricks, so I intentionally hide the choices with my hand, or look away, so that I can test myself that I know how to translate it for real. I think of the correct translation in my head before looking at the choices to pick the answer.

This also comes in handy for any of the questions that involve an audio cue, which I have set to autoplay. To help me with my listening comprehension, I try not to look at the text being read - again covering or looking away. I translate what I hear first before seeing if I'm supposed to translate the words or type what I hear.

I think this is a powerful tool for refining your skills in practice (maybe not for new lessons/words) and I know I would definitely appreciate having this functionality (automatically hiding the multiple choices or spoken text). I imagine there could be a "hidden text mode" and then I could make the text appear (when I'm ready for it) by hovering over where it should be or over a specific place or by tapping a button.

What does everyone else think?

4 years ago


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I'm doing the same thing. :-)

4 years ago


Right? See I think it would be handy as a feature instead of a "hack" ;)

4 years ago


I use bits of tape on the screen to hide the text and pictures so I'm forced to listen. I don't really care about reading Spanish, i just want to speak it. I'd use audio only content like pimsleur, except it isn't interactive and the pace is fixed.

1 year ago