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Promoting Student Choice

Hi there,

As a NYC educator, a lot of the student choice has kind've gone down the drain since our curriculum is intensely regents focused. While Duolingo adds the wonderful element of fun and ownership in the classroom, educators can continue leveraging this soft skill by challenging students to choose 3-5 skills that they master and design a project where they showcase those skills! For example, a student may choose to use the food, flirt, and question skills from the Spanish language (forgive me, this is the one I'm familiar with most) and they can write a script of a date gone wrong! Something as silly but as challenging as this kind of activity can enhance the learning in the classroom.

More importantly, I find that students leave with nothing really engrained. Perhaps with students being able to choose the skills they demonstrate, something will stick!

February 16, 2016



Hi! That is a fun idea :]

Can you tell us more about how the students have been using it? I'm sure there is a way of tackling the not sticking part. Sometimes that kind of result comes from students waiting until last minute to do all their lessons at once, sometimes it is because they are not practicing on a regular basis. Thanks for the story idea, that is a great way to integrate and encourage longer forms of writing!


My students so far have been working independently with Duolingo and using the skill/xp points to set their goals. They go back to those skills when they have to use them in a task that they create (ie. script, conversation, etc). The "not sticking part" I believe comes in when students do not have ownership over their learning.


Yo! I just started this for my class and of course you beat me here! Great to see I'm in wonderful company!

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