"The lawyers listen to the judge."

Translation:De advocaten luisteren naar de rechter.

2 years ago


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The Dutch legal system obviously not distinguish between law professionals such as lawyers or solicitors, and advocates? Would a 'notaris' be a lawyer?

2 years ago

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A notaris will have studied law, but is not a lawyer. Probably the best translation for that would be notary (public). There are different terms like advocate and solicitor like in English. However, in every day use people would not se those and simply use advocaat.

2 years ago


Is tot different from naar? I haven't come across tot yet on duolingo and it seems naar has only been used as a direction until this sentence.

2 years ago


Tot means to, but it more akin to until. Ik tel tot tien (i count [until] ten), or even tot ziens.

On the subject of using naar in this sentence: i dont understand it either. I guess in a (somewhat) literal sense, you may move your ear nearer to someone while listening? Or in a more abstract sense, your act of listening is being presented and sent to a person?

2 years ago
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