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"Moren siger til sin søn at han leger med ilden."

Translation:The mother says to her son that he is playing with fire.

February 16, 2016



Says what? Is this an expressionism? Is it like "telling him off"? Or is she just informing him that he's playing with fire?


Yes, here it is probrably used idiomatic. The same expression exists in English, right?

Although it can of course also be used concretely


In Italian if you tell someone he's playing with fire you mean he's doing something dangerous.

Generally annoying people not something directly dangerous for your health. So is also a threat like the mother telling the child that his behaviour will no longer be tollerated.

I think it has the same meaning in English.

[deactivated user]

    Yes you're right. It has probably the same meaning as in Italian. Probably the son is doing something wrong and the mother says "you're playing with fire" but she mean "your are making me angry. Stop it or you'll be scalded"


    Would "she says to play with fire", as a command or suggestion, be "hun siger at lege med ilden"?


    Moderen is correct danish - moren is the "modern" spelling


    Why is ilden used and not simply ild?

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