"May I ask Dewi Lingo?"

Translation:Ga i ofyn Dewi Lingo?

February 16, 2016

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Why do "Ga i ofyn Dewi Lingo?" and "Ga i ofyn i Dewi Lingo?" mean the same thing?


Ga i ofyn i Dewi Lingo is good Welsh, and the i is correct if directing a question to someone. Dropping the i in that context is incorrect. When asking someone a question, gofyn is followed by i (to ask someone) or am (about something).

Bydda i'n gofyn i Siôn am yr hen lyfr - I'll ask Siôn about the old book.

Ga i ofyn cwestiwn i chi am yr hen lyfr, Siôn? - May I ask you a question about the old book, Siôn?

Hoffwn ni ofyn am lyfrau Cymreig, Siôn - We would like to ask about Welsh books, Siôn.

But you can just ask whether you may ask a question:

Gawn ni ofyn cwestiynau, Dewi? - May we ask questions, Dewi?


Dropping the i in that context is incorrect.

But in a multiple-choice question just now, I picked both options (Ga i ofyn Dewi Lingo? Ga i ofyn i Dewi Lingo?) and was told that that was the right answer.


Could someone please tell me what's wrong with this: Allai gofyn i Dewi Lingo?


Allai goes with e/hi:

  • Allai e/o/hi ofyn...? = 'Would he/she be able to ask...?' or 'Could he/she ask...?' as in having the ability to ask. This comes from gallu. (Another word with the same meaning is medru - Fedrai hi/o/e...?.)

You might have meant:

  • Alla i ofyn...? = Can I ask...? with the meaning 'Am I able to ask...?' - as in having the knowledge or ability to ask. Using the patterns we have seen so far on this course, though, we would frame this question as: Ydw i'n gallu gofyn...?

Ga i...? comes from cael, with its meaning of 'being allowed to':

  • Ga i ofyn...? = 'May I ask...?'. Often said in English as 'Can I ask...?' - as in 'Am I allowed to ask...?'


Thankyou! Okay, 'alla i ofyn', that's what I shuld have put. Thankyou!

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