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  5. "It is fine."

"It is fine."

Translation:Mae hi'n braf.

February 16, 2016



Why does "braf" not mutate after "Mae hi'n" like "cymylog"?


Good point, well spotted! braf is a word which 'resists mutation' for reasons possibly lost in the mists of grammatical time.

Mae hi'n braf - It is fine

Mae Sioned yn athrawes braf iawn - Sioned is a very nice teacher.

Am gath braf! - What a fine cat!


So the unmutated welsh word for fine/nice is "braf", not "praf"? I'm having trouble identifying whether some new words are the base or the mutated forms.



A good place to check to see if words have been mutated or not is on gweiadur.com - you need to register but it is free - which is a very good on-line dictionary. On iOS or Android, Ap Geiriaduron will also point you to unmutated forms if you put in a mutated word.

This Duolingo course is a little naughty, in my opinion, in sometimes giving mutated words as a single-word question or answer.

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