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Before or after?

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Should adjectives be placed before or after the noun in Italian? Or is it as in french for example where there are regular and irregular cases? Because I'm not finding a pattern here.

I really would like it explained here, instead of having to look it up!

4 years ago



It's all about context; the comparison should be with Spanish. Remember that Spanish is much more related to Italian than any other language.

The order of the adjective and noun depends on the context whether there you want to enhance the adjective (adjective before noun; which is more poetic if we could say) or specify that a noun has a unique quality (noun before adjective; more objective cases)

4 years ago

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That's a good question. Some come before, some come after and some can be used interchangeably: http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare129a.htm

4 years ago


Despite numerous examples being given in the prededing lesson I came a cropper on translating ' A certain man watches' into Italian because I used the default 'adjective after the noun' rule. Does anyone have an authorative rule ot reference as to how this is correctly translated into italian?

4 years ago