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Using "immersion" mode with students


I have three questions about using the "immersion" mode with my students;

Firstly is the immersion mode only available after level 10? Some of my students do not seem to have access to the feature.

Secondly, are there any plans to integrate this feature on the mobile app? Most of my students prefer to train on their phones, and I'd like for them to use this feature.

Finally, would it be technically possible to introduce a feature where a teacher uploads a text for translation only for a specific group? The community is so active that every time I upload a document for my students, it's always finished by the time they get there!

All the best

February 16, 2016

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Unfortunately, the immersion section is not worked on at the moment and will eventually be faded out. There will not be an immersion section on new languages that don't already have it as of now. This means it will not come to the apps in the future. This is what Duo staff said about it :

it's because this requires quite a bit of our effort and doesn’t show a big increase in any engagement. We’re committed to making the best learning website ever, and for that we have to focus on what we think is most worthwhile.

Also, this is a quote from an article about Duo on Techcrunch :

Oddly enough, though, Duolingo did not mention any of this in its announcement today. A company spokesperson told me the company actually tabled its ambitions around translations about a year-and-a-half ago and hasn’t scaled the businesses or accepted new clients (it’s still working with CNN, though). Instead, the company is now using its Test Center certification program as a revenue source (the tests cost $20) and says that it has other plans to monetize.

“The reasoning for this was that, though we could make it a profitable business, we realized we’d quickly become a translations business as we’d have to hire people focused on quality control, sales people, etc. and eventually businesses tend to pay more attention to the parts of the company that are profitable,” a spokesperson told us.

“We are an education company and are here to help bring education to everyone in the world and to make education more effective.”

Additionally, there is a problem with copyright laws in Europe that prevents Duolingo to include the immersion section for anyone living there. See a bit more info about this here

And there's an A/B test going on that removes the immersion section for courses that do have it. That's why some of your students don't have access to it. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to activate it, besides creating a new user account until they randomly hit the correct value for that test.

You could try to find a similar feature on some other website. Sorry, but that's the best I can find to help you out...

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