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  5. "I am writing the menu."

"I am writing the menu."

Translation:J'écris le menu.

January 17, 2013



i wrote " j'ecris la carte" and it was marked wrong even though i just learned from doulingo and google translate that carte could mean (menu,map,card,ticket,ect)


It should be accepted. "la carte" means the menu while "le menu" really means the menu of the day.


I type je ecris le menu and you still gave me incorrect answer? i dont understand J'


Pronouncing two vowels next to each in french usually feels unnatural. "je" ends in a vowel and "écris" starts with a vowel. To avoid this, a contraction is made. The final vowel of "je" is dropped.

je écris -> j'écris



Thank you very much


"je écris" is contracted, just like "it is", "I am", and so on, to make the sentence more fluent. But in french, contracting is a rule not an option.

[deactivated user]

    Normally je is correct, but in this case it is followed by a vowel. The same goes for de.


    The "e" at end of je and that of écris are not so to be written at the same time in french.


    I wrote Je suis l'écris le menu because i am dumb like that.. i wrote je suis because i saw 'i am' in front of the sentence but l'écris means write not conjugated, i realized that after i made the mistake.. sigh..


    Are objects always pernounced with le or also la?


    first they taught me that Je suis means I am...so I begin to write Je suis ecris le menu....now I find that I should have wrote J'ecris le menu...again, do you see my frustration?


    Your frustration is legitimate and comes from the fact that your English is not perfect and your French even less.

    For you, an explanation: "I am writing" is a verbal form called "continuous", meant to describe that an action is currently in progress. The basic construction is therefore: verb BE + verb at the gerund form (-ing).

    Now, in French, the gerund form exists: "écrivant" (it is called 'participe présent') but it is not used as in English. In French, if you have to translate "I am writing", either you use the simple present: "j'écris", or you use an expression meaning that the action is currently in progress, which is "verb ÊTRE + en train de + verb at the infinitive form, ie : "je suis en train d'écrire".


    Thanks a lot.. great help


    ...why can't the menu be feminine just this once!? That was my last heart.


    Sorry, but "un menu" is always masculine, while "une carte" (a menu as well, as the list of dishes) is feminine.


    Are there any quick and fast rules to guessing gender?


    Unfortunately no, you have to learn every noun with ist gender.


    Yes, this is indeed very hard to guess if your native language isn't a latin-derived one. In french it's a bit more complicated that in spanish (my native language), because there are more words that end with consonants than vowels (in spanish is almost a rule that sustantives that end with "a" are femenine and "o", "e" ended ones are masculine).


    Typing "J'ecris" is incorrect. How must it be typed? Is the apostrophe inappropriate?


    The correct form is "j'écris" (acute accent on the -e)


    Merci,Sitesurf. I don't know the technique for entering an accent symbol from a keyboard. I suspect that may be the reason Duolingo puts that keypad up on the screen. .


    You suspect... right!


    If you use Windows, then you can add the International English Keyboard by going into your control panel --> Region and Language (or a similar option, depending on the version of Windows). Then you can add accents by using ',`,or ^; in this case you would type ' then e and it would output é.


    If I am saying "I am writing the menu", why isn't it appropriate to begin the sentence with "Je suis"?


    Please read above (13th post)


    I wrote J'ecrit le menu. It was marked correct, but watch the accent. It should be marked incorrect because I wrote ecrit with t.


    This doesn't happen. You cant write in menus


    In french you can : i write the menu means j'écris le menu OR j'écris la carte du menu :)


    Is " je suis ecris le menu" also correct?


    I am is je suis. Since écrire means to write and is also a verb, there is no need for am in that translation. The correct translation is I write the menu. That is grammatically correct in English.


    i typed "J'écris la carte" but it marked as incorrect. Why?


    Is there a quick memory tool to know when to use ecris, ecrivent,etc...

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