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A gift for the Duolingo Norwegian community: 3 Words A Day: Norwegian! (Memrise Course)


I have been working on a Memrise course called '3 Words A Day: Norwegian' for a while now. I have spent lots of time ensuring it is high - quality course. Now, it is ready!

(The link is at the end if you are impatient:D)

First, a little story:)

I decided to make this course because of a book I purchased last year. Yes, a book. A 2016 diary. I decided to write 3 words into each day slot and learn them. I would also include grammar and cultural notes. It didn't go well. I got busy and I forgot about it for a while. I made this Memrise course to help me learn the words.

This course will teach you three randomly selected Norwegian words a day. Random? Yes, because you never know what you will talk about with a Norwegian:) If you learn every word, you will have added 1,098 words to your vocabulary! Most of the words are ones not seen on Duolingo, or any other Norwegian Memrise course!

The course starts at January 1, but you can easily start today and treat it as the first day. For example, you would start at February 16 and end the course 366 days later at February 15!

Most of the words on the course are nouns, adjectives and verbs, but there are also adverbs, conjunctions, pronouns and prepositions. There is no audio on the course at the moment, because I am not a native Norwegian speaker. I will find someone to record audio for the course soon. Images are also a possibility!

Here is a sneek peak to break up the long text and keep your attention:)

Do you like the cool picture?

If I reach a certain number of learners, there will be more surprises on the way! Maybe a 5 Words A Day course for serious learners?

Here is the link##: http://www.memrise.com/course/980077/3-words-a-day-norwegian/

Please tell your Norwegian learning buddies about this course!

I would also kindly ask if you would upvote this post so other Norwegian learners can see this post on the 'popular' page.

Please note: It will be constantly added to until I reach December 31, so don't be confused why it is not there yet!

Thank you and happy learning!

February 16, 2016



Gosh, I wish I didn't already know Norwegian! You Norwegian learners get all the fun stuff. ;)

The course looks good, Alec, and I'm sure putting it together is a great way for you to learn as well.


I would upvote this a billion times if I could. Time to re download memrise!


My course is that good that you would re - download Memrise? I'm honoured:)


im so happy you just informed me that memories is an app tusen takk min venn


Takk! That is a really good idea. Will definitely join the course.


Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!


Tusen takk, Alec! I am excited to begin this course!

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