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  5. "Я покажу, где чай."

"Я покажу, где чай."

Translation:I will show where the tea is.

February 16, 2016



Could this be translated in the present tense? "I am showing you where the tea is "?


No. This is a perfective verb and perfective verbs don't have a present tense. "I am showing you" would be "показываю".


"I will show where the tea is." Is this also an acceptable translation?


I will show you where the tea is. should be the preferred response, because it is grammatically correct and most native-like expression.

I will show you where tea is. is grammatically acceptable, but awkward, because it's rare to use the null article in thus instance.

I will show where tea is. is grammatically incorrect without an indirect object, and painfully awkward for a native to read, but it should be accepted as an answer even if it is unacceptable as English, because it resembles the literal translation.


Agreed regarding correctness, but incorrect English is not a translation and should not be accepted. The target language is not English here, but people who have taken the trouble to learn enough English to be able to follow this course will not thank us for including incorrect forms.


where is the 'will' in the russian sentence?


"Показать" is a perfective verb and as such doesn't have a present tense, only past and future. "Покажу" is the future tense form (for the 1'st person singular).


That's what's given here as the suggested translation, so it should be.


No it isn't. You need an object - I will show YOU/HIM/THEM etc


The answer you wish for is not proper english.


I quite agree ! (native English speaker)


"I will show where the tea is" without a person to show, like 'show you' should not be accepted since it is not correct English.


does покажу always mean "will show" and is it always in the future?


Wow great English sentence "I will show where the tea is". Add a Russian accent to that and you have a involuntarily hilarious sentence. Seriously, who runs this course? After years the "English" solutions are still faulty here.


I agree with Lilalino. As far as I know "show" needs an indirect object in English. Who something is shown to cannot be assumed as in Russian. Therefore I think: "I will show you where the tea is" or "I will show him where the tea is" should definitely be accepted, too. And it should also be the preferred translation.


I think "I show where tea" should be accepted, don't you? ;-}'


"I will show where the tea is" is simply wrong. I had commented on this years ago and it should have been fixed


So why in blazes is it that я покажу где чай is correct, but in the previous sentence, я покажу где хлеб is karked wrong? If вам is implied/optional when showing where the tea is, why is it wrong to also omit it when showing where the bread is?


How do you say I will show you, him, her, them where the tea is


Я покажу тебе - I will show you

Я покажу ему - I will show him

Я покажу ей - I will show her

Я покажу вам - I will show you(polite/plural)

Я покажу им - I will show them


I will show you where is the tea , accepte


I doubt it. That is bad English.


I don't believe "I will show where is the tea" should be rejected. This is not an English course.


In nearly all English dialects that is grammatically unacceptable.


English very strongly expects the word-order in statements to be subject-verb and in questions to be verb-subject. Your sentence uses verb-subject word order (i.e., "question word-order") in a statement. That is why your translation is wrong.

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