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  5. "On ma mysz."

"On ma mysz."

Translation:He has a mouse.

February 16, 2016



aha ! i get it :) thanks a lot guys/gals :>


Is the computer mouse mysz too?


Yes, it is. You can also encounter the diminutive form: „myszka”.


I wrote down: "He is a mouse" which was incorrect. But how come in the correct answers are written that: " he's a mouse" is correct?

Correct solution: • He's a mouse. • He has a mouse.


"He's" here is a rare contraction of "he has". It's rare exactly because it is easily confused with the contraction of "he is".


Apparently, "he's" is the abbreviation of "he has" just like "I've" stands for "I have". However, I think you cannot contract it this way unless it's an auxiliary verb.


I translated it as "He's a mouse". It was considered a correct answer :/


Darn... well, the algorithm knows that there are contexts in which "He has" can be shortened to "He's" (He's never been to India), but it doesn't actually distinguish contexts, so it accepts it everywhere, I'm afraid :/ Sometimes even suggests it. I hope that it will be finally fixed... but we can't do anything about it on our side, that's for the developers.


I wrote: ha has a mouse ; and it was not accepted aa right answer... Why?


Once again the same error!!! I write the correct answer and it's taken as a mistake


Your comment says "ha has a mouse", I also see a report like that. You have a typo.

Although from what I see, it should have been accepted with a typo...


Thanks for your answer. I had a typo in my post and not in my answer before :-) for the fourth time it was accepted.

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