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  5. "Hon levde i över hundra år."

"Hon levde i över hundra år."

Translation:She lived for over a hundred years.

February 16, 2016



There is a Swedish birthday song that this reminds me of:

Ja, må hon leva! Ja, må hon leva! Ja, må hon leva uti hundrade år!

Javisst ska hon leva! Javisst ska hon leva! Javisst ska hon leva uti hundrade år!


And the second verse:

Ja, då ska hon skjutas,
Ja, då ska hon skjutas,
Ja, då ska hon skjutas
... på en skottkärra fram!

The pun is that skjutas usually means "get shot", but it can also mean "be pushed" - but you don't realise until the final line. Hilarious! Well, perhaps if you haven't heard it a kazillion times already.


Swedish uses i to express someone doing something for a continuous duration.


I'm not sure how to post a screenshot; but I'm in V: Past 2, Level 2, Lesson 7. It tells me I missed a word, but it didn't show the correct Swedish (though it showed me the meaning in English). I had to go into this discussion to see that I missed "i."


There has been an increasing number of complaints regarding missing word tiles since the new design was introduced. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do about it - but there are some things you can try. First, try zooming out in your browser, this will usually cause the missing tile(s) to reappear, and you can then zoom back in after answering the question. If that doesn't help, I encourage you to submit a big report here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


The tile wasn't missing; the correct Swedish usage after I got it wrong was. :)


Oh! I apologise; we've had so many of those reports that I have started to assume all problems are due to that...

Unfortunately, though, this is also an issue I can do nothing about. :( The correction / typo system is completely out of contributors' control.


No worries! Just thought I'd report it. :)


Am I right in assuming that this means she is no longer with us? Would Swedish use the perfect tense to express that "she has been living for over a hundred years" and is thus still alive?


Yep, hon har levt for that.


Tack, som vanligt. :D


Why it doesn't accept the number 100 as it is?

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