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"Das Mädchen, der Mann und die Frau essen Pizza."

Translation:The girl, the man, and the woman are eating pizza.

February 16, 2016



İ have answered exactly same as the correct version. İt wasnt accepted


İ have answered exactly same as the correct version.

Are you sure? Not a single letter was different? Not "women" instead of "woman" or "men" instead of "man"?

Do you have a screenshot?


There should be a comma in the english version right?


After 'the girl', definitely. After 'the man' it's debatable. A comma before 'and' is known as an Oxford comma, but it's entirely optional and not part of standard UK English.

I'm not sure of its use in US English, where it's known as a serial comma.


Actually, we call it the Oxford comma too. And it is hotly contested


why i cannot use simple peresent?


You can.

For example, "The girl, the man, and the woman eat pizza." is one accepted alternative.


but it shows an error


I wrote that and it wasn't accepted.


What, no Oxford comma, Duo?


No comma before und in German.


There are 2 "the "


Wait, why is girls wrong?


why is girls wrong?

Because das is necessarily neuter singular -- das Mädchen can only mean "the girl".

The plural would be die Mädchen "the girls" with the plural article die.


I said i got it wrong but it looked right. It night just be me


This was marked wrong in error



Nobody can see what you wrote, so references to "this" or "my answer" or "the correct answer" are not helpful.

Please copy and paste your entire answer if you have a question why it was not accepted.

Even better, take a screenshot that shows the question and your answer, upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur), and tell us the URL of the image.


The task asked for me to write what I hear, not translate it. It should be clearer whether a translation or transliteration is required.


Often when I'm told to write what i hear, it says something along the lines of "answer in German" in the answering box, so if you have to translate it too, it would probablt say "answer in English". I agree, though. I would probably default to German in this situation as I haven't had to type out my answer in English yet


I answered exactly the same and it didn't accept it, I have a screenshot to prove it


I have a screenshot to prove it


Could you upload it to a website somewhere, please, and tell us the URL? (imgur is popular, but there are many image-sharing websites. Even pasting it into a Google Doc and telling us the sharing URL could work.)


It asks me to type what i hear but then says I should have translated!


It asks me to type what i hear but then says I should have translated!

Please show us a screenshot so that we can see exactly what you saw -- upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and tell us the URL of the image.


Instead of 'eat pizza' there was 'are eating pizza' for same question asked previously. Essen stands both for 'are eating' and 'eats' right?


Essen stands both for 'are eating' and 'eats' right?

essen is the form used for wir (we) and for sie (they) and can indeed be translated to either "are eating" or "eat" depending on context. (But not to "eats".)

In the absence of context, as in a single sentence to translate, either translation will be accepted.


It seems there have been guys experiencing simple present tense is counted as mistake for years.

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