what level of fluency will this course take us?

Hay folks, I hope you're all enjoying the course. I know i am :) Anyway. I was just wondering how fluent we would be after finishing this course? Will be be able to hold a conversation with a native welsh speaker? Will we able to enjoy the eisteddfod and understand everything?

2/17/2016, 12:01:51 AM

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It is generally believed that on completion of your tree you will be sommewhere between A2 and B1, possibly B2 although not in the Speaking/Listening disciplines. For complete fluency you will need other resources, preferably ones offering complete immersion.

For Welsh, there is 'Say something in Welsh' web site which has lot of free lessons on linstening and speaking even a weeks boot camp where you speak nothing but Welsh (but that does cost real money).

2/17/2016, 7:03:25 AM
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