"Dych chi'n hoffi mis Rhagfyr?"

Translation:Do you like December?

February 17, 2016



Rhagfyr: Literally “foreshortening”, referring to the days shortening, from rhagfyrhau.

March 18, 2018


Are there two ways to say "do you"? Because at school we were always taught "wyt ti'n..." But on duolingo it says "dych ch i'n..."

May 7, 2019


Yes, there are definitely two ways, the same as most European languages. This is fully explained in the duolingo course notes for skill "Present 3" but in summary:

  • "Dych chi" is the polite, formal version, also used if there is more than one person.
  • "Wyt ti" is the informal version, used with close friends or from an adult to a child, and only used if it's one person.

If you know a little French, it's the difference between vous and tu.

May 7, 2019
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