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  5. "Я хочу купити светр."

"Я хочу купити светр."

Translation:I want to buy a sweater.

February 17, 2016



Why would светри be wrong? wouldn't it be just the normal plural form, which fits here?

[deactivated user]

    Indeed, it fits here. The 'choose the right word' exercises are generated automatically and are sometimes wrong.


    There was no choice "sweater" in the mobile app's Tap-to-select. What the heck is a jumper?


    "Jumper" is the common term for "sweater" in the UK


    Thats the British word for sweater, it may also be used in Australia and/or New Zealand.


    Should be accepted answer 2 and 3 in here. Or just adjust those answers to avoid ambiguity.


    Sweater, jumper and pullover are all widely used an interchangeable in the UK. With regard to the one-piece garment va-diim describes, it might be called a jumpsuit or a playsuit, but both these are as likely to be long-legged trousers as they are shorts.

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