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"Это шоссе идёт через весь город."

Translation:This highway goes through the whole town.

February 17, 2016



Surely "road" should be acceptable here as nobody would say "highway" in the UK


Yes, 'road' seems to be rejected for шоссе in every instance on this course. 'Motorway' is (sometimes) allowed but not every шоссе is a motorway anyway - some have only two lanes and would be called a main road in the UK.


Why can't they use "city" instead of "town" (or use городок)?


After 3 years .. still not accepted .


So what's wrong with: "This highway goes through the whole city"? This site is completely unusable!!


I gave the same translation and was told it was wrong. :-/


Can сквозь be used here?

[deactivated user]

    This is not how we usually say.

    «Сквозь» emphasises the 3D nature of a city, it's not just a 2D path between the buildings. It's not just something around you, it's also above. This makes the highway look like a tunnel going through the city, piercing it. This might work for some science-fiction, or for some poetic descriptions, but we don't usually speak about highways in contemporary cities this way.


    What's the distinction between "goes across the whole town and "goes through the whole town"?


    In small details 'пересекает весь город' and 'идёт через весь город'. The meaning is the same.


    Why через doesn't need the genitive?

    [deactivated user]

      Why do you think it would?

      There are no strict rules about the cases used with prepositions, such things need to be memorised on a case-by-case basis. But через is never used with genitive, it’s always used with accusative.

      Sometimes, accusative looks like genitive. This usually happens animate nouns (that is, nouns that are used to name people, animals and other living creatures), but город is an inanimate noun.


      Across the whole city?

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