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  5. "Mae'r llew eisiau bwyta cig."

"Mae'r llew eisiau bwyta cig."

Translation:The lion wants to eat meat.

February 17, 2016



Why mae'r rather than y?

The translation says 'the ... is' and yet there is no 'is' in the translation. If I was asked to translate this into Welsh I would have said 'Y llew eisiau bwyta cig'

What is the difference between mae'r and y in this instance?


Mae is part of the verb bod - 'to be'.

  • Mae e - 'he/it is

  • Mae'r llew... - 'the lion is...'. 'r is used instead of y or yr when it comes after a vowel.

  • Mae'r llew'n bwyta... - 'The lion eats/is eating...'

  • Mae'r llew eisiau... - 'The lion wants/needs/is wanting...' (yn/'n is not used with eisiau in sentences like this - it is an exception to the normal patterns)


Brilliant - thanks :)

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