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"¿Nunca has hablado con mi hermana?"

Translation:You have never spoken with my sister?

January 17, 2013



I would say that "have you ever spoken with my sister?" would be a perfectly fine translation as that is how we would usually say it in English.


The sentence with "ever" would probably be a more common thing to ask, but it's not a correct translation.

"Have you ever..." is quite neutral. The person just want's to know whether you have spoken with the sister at any time.

But using "never", the question is more loaded, and potentially rhetorical. The person is probably surprised that this is something that has never happened.


yes, me too and I am upset that this was rejected


Is there anything in this audio to indicate it's a question? I thought it was a statement until I submitted my answer.


I agree. I listened a few times and I don't detect any inflection that would make me think this was a question.


This often seems to be the case with the audio


"You never have spoken with my sister" is wrong. Go figure.


what is wrong with ...you never have talked with my sister.....?


Here is a site giving some help with English word order. http://linguapress.com/grammar/word-order.htm


"Never have you spoken with my sister" is wrong why?


I agree with zajdel


As a native english speaker, "Have you never spoken with my sister?" is the more natural and correct form. This would also be the correct order if ever was used. Spoken english does not always follow the same grammatical rules as the written form.


I'm just noting that "Have you never spoken with my sister" is accepted.

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