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  5. "Ddysgwch chi ddim y geiriau."

"Ddysgwch chi ddim y geiriau."

Translation:You will not learn the words.

February 17, 2016



Why does 'dysgu' mutate here?


Because it is a negative form of the verb - that is indicated by the mixed mutation (aspirate mutation of p, t, c, soft mutation of b, d, g, m, ll, rh)


Thanks - I haven't got my head round this aspect fully yet but I guess it's along the lines of 'byddwch' (positive) and 'fyddwch' (negative) so that makes sense


You could choose a suitable list of verb-nouns and then write out a list of their various verb forms to pin on the wall somewhere - prynu, canu, talu, barnu, deall, galw, ...

  • prynais i, brynais i?, phrynais i ddim
  • canais i, ...


Mae gwall yn y Saesneg, wedi wneud adroddiad.

There's a mistake in the English, have reported.


Great idea, thanks

[deactivated user]

    That sounds a grim kind of prediction.

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