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  5. "Mi humanidad se manifestó."

"Mi humanidad se manifestó."

Translation:My humanity manifested itself.

January 17, 2013



It's rather odd. This is the official definition of "humanidad": http://buscon.rae.es/drae/srv/search?id=1XNnYrgXvDXX2WYs5K30

I would say that you can substitute "manifested itself" by "revealed" or "was revealed". If still need more explanations, let me know ;)


Muchas gracias. That does help.


What does that mean?


Perhaps a response to seeing a person in need...


Yes, this may well be a good example.

Poor chap is splashing about in the stream an you throw him a death retarding device (DRD) because you're such a good person. When you tell the story to a lady in an after-hours.

Another use, not that polite is to refer ironically to human smell. You enter that classroom just after 4 hours of topology lecture and you may say: huele a humanidad! literally: it smells to humanity


My humanity manifested.?- Should there be an is/was to the sentence?


Don't forget "itself". Then it makes sense.

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