"Jeden mężczyzna, dwaj mężczyźni"

Translation:One man, two men

February 17, 2016

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Ok, cam anybody make sense out of the declension of numbers? :p

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For dwa

  • nominative: masculine personal dwaj, feminine dwie, others dwa

  • genitive: dwóch/dwu

  • dative: dwóm/dwu

  • accusative: masculine personal = genitive, others = nominative (as it's always in the plural)

  • instrumental: dwoma

  • locative: dwóch/dwu

  • votative: =nominative (as it's always in plural)

For trzy:

  • nominative: masculine personal trzej, others trzy

  • genitive: trzech

  • dative: trzem

  • accusative: masculine personal = genitive, others = nominative (as it's always in the plural)

  • instrumental: trzema

  • locative: trzech

  • votative: =nominative (as it's always in plural)

As for cztery, it follows the same pattern as trzy.

Also, in masculine personal nominative, you can use genitive forms of the numeral and the noun (np. dwóch mężczyzn). If such phrase is a subject of the sentence, the verb is in singular neuter (dwaj mężczyźni byli = dwóch mężczyzn było).

Numbers 5 and above follow different patterns.


I came here to express my gratitude for specifically paying attention to the masculine personal in this exercise and I get the whole lesson! Thanks a lot!!



Is dwa the only number which has a separate form for the feminine gender?

Thanks :)


The link does not work for me :(


Weird, works for me... at least on PC.


did you manage to get it? If not I can create a different link for you. It's REALLY helpful


this is so helpful!!! Great and simple grammar. Many thanks!!


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