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  5. "Lipiec, sierpień, wrzesień"

"Lipiec, sierpień, wrzesień"

Translation:July, August, September

February 17, 2016



Wow... Week days and months are really different in Polish to any other language that I know >.<


Only "sobota", "marzec" and "maj" are of Latin origin. All other are Slavic. Even then some Slavic languages (like Russian) converted to Latin-based month names.


Maybe you should more practise west slavic languages :-) (Ok, not slovak) I have only problem with kwiecień, in our language it means May, not April


You can test your understanding and learn where the week days come from. ^^


>>.<< too much Polish XD

Thanks for the video, but I'll leave it for a later moment, when I'm able to understand it XD


TL;DR version:

Niedziela – nie działać – not act (not work)
Poniedziałek – po niedzieli – after Sunday
Wtorek – wtóry (drugi) – second (day after Sunday)
Środa – środek – middle (of the week)
Czwartek – czwarty – fourth (day after Sunday)
Piątek – piąty – fifth (day after Sunday)
Sobota - szabat – Sabbath


Yeah! That's so cool! This is how I remember the days of the week :)


Then 'sobota' is of Hebrew origin.


Finnish has non Latin months of the year, too. Yet, its closest cousin, Estonian, does have Latin-ish months of the year. Heinäkuu = July, elokuu = August, syyskuu = September. The days of the week in Finnish are closer (mostly) to Swedish and German. Keskiviikko = mittwoch = (midweek) Wednesday Georgian has days of the week with a similar concept as Polish. For what it's worth. ☺️

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