"My sister goes to primary school."

Translation:Moja siostra chodzi do szkoły podstawowej.

February 17, 2016

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Must the adjective podstawoej follow the noun skoly here


Yes, "podstawowa szkoła" would sound like a desciption (a basic school?), while "szkoła podstawowa" is a type of school.


I'm wondering why idzie isn't accepted? Without context it's impossible to say which aspect is required.


I cannot imagine a situation with she goes = ona idzie, but even if that is possible I think course creators are teaching she goes - ona chodzi, she is going=ona idzie


If it was 'Ona idzie do...' I think you would have to specify a certain time that she's going. (For example 'She is going to school today'), as 'idzie' would imply a one-time event?


I know, but the sentence provided could just as well mean that said sister attends to primary school (ona chodzi) as well as that she currently is going to the primary school to fetch someone (ona idzie). As a side note, I'm a native polishe speaker.


but if "she currently is going", then we have "is going" not "goes".

I know one can imagine context that allows for "she goes"="ona idzie" but I think it's better not to confuse new learners.


Ah okay, in British English (and I think American English) one couldn't use 'she goes' in that context (or I can't think of a time where I could use it in a sentence anyway), only when talking about something habitual.


I hope you meant Polish.


why not moja siostra chodzi do podstawowej szkoły?


what is the difference in meaning: chodzy and idzie??


"chodzy" must be a misspelling of "chodzi", I presume.

"chodzi" - she 'goes' there regularly, in this particular example 'she attends school', 'she's a pupil/student'. "Ona chodzi do szkoły pięć razy w tygodniu" = "She goes to school five times per week".

"idzie" - she is going there (either 'right now') or it's Present Continuous in the future meaning, as in "She's going to school tomorrow" = "Ona jutro idzie do szkoły".

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