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Video Calling Between Duolingo users

I really want to get speaking Spanish with people, however, no one I currently know speaks it all! I thought that it would be a great feature to (for friends that have mutually accepted) video call (with or without video) your Duolingo friends to talk in whatever language you're both learning.

January 17, 2013



As duolingo's focus is translating the web, this probably won't happen very soon. Due to a lack of time I haven't tried it myself, yet - but maybe it's what you're looking for: http://www.palabea.com/


This definitely looks to be the best option, thanks a lot :)

[deactivated user]

    Another website you might want to check out is https://www.verbling.com/


    Used it, but can barely find anyone to practice with : ?


    I think the @danwhitfield is willing to have the feature just like Busuu(busuu.com) has.

    The option might helpful. But that may need time and money which the developers/ authors may not effort. I would first learn the language with the options what are available now.


    Thanks guy, I am looking at those websites now!


    Ideally you want to practice with native or near-native speakers, not with Spanish learners.


    Although not speaking, you can practice writing on Fixoodle and get feedback from native speakers, and then you can also make friends who will talk with you on Skype or Google Hangouts or whatever. There are tons of Spanish speakers on there.

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