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Setting up student accounts

I am trying to set up Duolingo for my students without email addresses. It is a privacy issue for my school. I followed instructions in the help pages to use myname+student15@gmail.com, where student15 is the ID I want my student to use. Now I don't know how to log my student in. There is no way to set a password for that ID. Whats up?

February 17, 2016




Can you try creating an account with that email address and see if that works? Did you create an account with that email address and then selected a password? Try logging in using the whole email address instead of the username. Let us know if it doesn't work. We realize this is an issue for many teachers, and are working on a solution for it. I'm glad you're trying to work around it! :]


When you click the Create profile button, you are asked for an Email, a Username, and a Password.

Enter myname+student15@gmail.com for the email address, an appropriate username (it will have to be unique on Duolingo, and if you are concerned about privacy, you may not want to use the students real name) and a password.

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