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  5. "Hoje é terça-feira."

"Hoje é terça-feira."

Translation:Today is Tuesday.

January 17, 2013



What does "terça-feira" literally mean?


According to some historians, the days of the week names in Portuguese originates from the medieval period. During that time, Sunday ("Domingo" - Lord's Day) used to be the day of the week when most of people would go to the church. Because of that, the farmers used to go there too so they could sell the produces to the crowd, hence becoming the first day of the 'farmer's market' (which in Portuguese is translated to "feira"). The next day then would become the second day of the farmer's market ("segunda feira") and so on. So the Portuguese days of the week names are as following: - Domingo: it derives from Latin "die Dominica" meaning Lord's day; - Segunda-feira: segunda=second, feira=farmer's market; - Terça-feira: terça=third; - Quarta-feira: quarta=fourth; - Quinta-feira: quinta=fifth; - Sexta-feira: sexta=sixth; - Sábado: comes from the Hebrew "shabbatt", last day of the week for the Jews.


Hey, that's pretty cool! Especially that last part (in my opinion). Have a lingot!


In England it us quite normal to say today it is Tuesday. So adding "it" should not be


In English it is quite normal to say Today it is Tuesday. However, adding "it" was considered wrong

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