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  5. "Las gatas beben agua."

"Las gatas beben agua."

Translation:The cats drink water.

January 17, 2013

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WHAT?!? One minute "the cat" is masculine (El gato), now "The cats are drink water." is Las Gatas???


Las gatas ('la gata') is feminine (cats). Los gatos ('el gato') is masculine (cats). There are gender differences for words in Spanish like these animals.


Yes, but in reality if we were speaking of a group of cats it would automatically be masculine. The exception would be if you knew for sure they were all female cats.


Because some cats are female and some cats are male.


Nice face, the best I can do is this: : - )


Las gatas is plural and feminine meaning there are multiple and all female, it's just more specific.


for "las gatas beben agua" My answer was "The cats drink water" Can it also mean "The cats are drinking water"? or does that use different grammar in Spanish?


that would be different grammar. the cats are drinking water = los gatos estan bebiendo agua


If one is saying (Mira cómo) las gatas beben agua and you understand or are seeing them drinking, you will translate *(Look how) the cats are drinking water * or similar. Any opinion?


yes, you are right. In general, this is a huge difference between english and most 'latin' languages like spanish, italian and french, in which the present tense can be used for both meanings. But in general, you can safely say "(Mira cómo) las gatas estan bebiendo agua" to the same extent, so for a crash course in Spanish I think it's better to stick with the difference and leave the subtleties for later...


The third person conjugation of verbs can be translated several ways while meaning only slightly different things. For example, "las gatas beben" can be translated as "the cats drink", "the cats do drink", or "the cats are drinking".

However, "the cats are drinking" version does not necessarily literally mean the cats are currently drinking at that moment. It's more of a vague present tense. Like if someone called you while you were eating dinner you'd say something like "Can I call you back? I'm eating". Clearly, you're not presently eating, because you're on the phone.

In order to say "the cats are drinking" as in literally currently taking sips of water, the translation would look like this: "Las gatas estan bebiendo".


yes. estan bebiendo means they are drinking RIGHT NOW


The group of cats are female. Gato: boy cat; Gata: girl cat


Yes. I got it correct writing "...are drinking..."


it can mean both, good question


Im gonna smack that patella


How do I know wheter it's los gatos or las gatas??


Since cats can be male or female, you can use "gatas" to refer to a group of cats you know to be all female. I believe "gato" is the default if you're unsure or if it doesn't matter (and it's not likely you'd often be in situations where it would matter if you knew the cats' sexes).


If all the cats are female its gatas. If even just one of all the female cats are male its gatos


wow spanish is soooooo easy! well....


only in some ways


I still don't understand. Are cats considered "feminine" in Spanish. I know in English informally we consider all dogs "masculine" and cats "feminine" though of course in reality this is untrue. Are pleural "cats" in Spanish to always be considered "gatas", not "gatos"? This is so confusing.


Think about it like people. In English, you could say, "The children are playing." We know you mean young people, but they could be male or female. However, if you say "The girls are playing," we know you mean that they're all female. As mitaine56 said, in English, we don't have words that mean "female cat" and "male cat". In Spanish, they do.

As for plural words, the only time you use the plural female form ("gatas" in this case) is when ALL of the subjects you're talking about are female. If there's a group of 100 cats and all are female, they are "gatas". However, if there are any males at all, use the plural male form. If that group of 100 cats has 99 females and 1 male, they are "gatos". Make sense?


Thanks so much. Now I get it.


There are different words in English for male and female cats cat - female tomcat - male

the fact that usually they are both referred as just cats, doesn't mean the word for male cats doesn't exist.


frankstom, gato and gata have nothing to do with plural. There's only a word in English to say CAT. So you have to add other words if you want to say the gender of your female cat. But, in Spanish, there are 2 words, gato is a male and gata is a female. In the Spanish sentence above, they want us to know that they,re talking about females, that's why, they said gatas.


In the exemple, they choosed to say las gatas, but they could have been chosen los gatos. It doesn't mean that cats are feminine in Spain. Sometimes they use the masculine and sometimes the feminine . You have to know all the options. In English, there's only a word for cat and you have to specify if it's a male or female. In Spanish and in French, there are 2 words to name the cats.


"las" is feminine but "gato" is cat which is masculine soooooooooo the answer is "The cats drink water"


"Gato" is only used for a male cat or a cat of unknown sex; if it's known to be a female cat, it's "gata". In this sentence, you know it's a group of female cats because they used "gatas".


yo tango dos gatos (male) y uno gata (female)


silverocean, it's UNA gata


thanks I did not know :)


Tengo*, tango is a dance.


If female cats are gatas what about female dogs? Perras?


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yeah it's great


Why isn't is las gatas beben EL agua?


Because the sentence in English has no article and it means that the cats drink water in general and not specific water


زوزو عبود




زوزو عبود


I know right but it's because of plurals and the word being formal like if you wanted to say lots of people you wouldn't say persons you would say people its like that


I keep getting this wrong... Translate: "The cat drinks" Options: La gata bebe El gato bebe

How do I know which one is right??


Only say la gata when you are sure it is a female, the rest of the time you say el gato, to say that it is male or you do not know the gender. hope this helped!


Use "el gato" when you don't know what gender the cat is OR when you know it's a male. Use "la gata" when you are certain it's a female cat.


is there a way to add the specificity of gender in the english translation?


I can't imagine a scenario where you would definitively know that all the cats drinking water were females unless you were a breeder I guess. Seems safer just to say Los gatos, I'm sure no one would correct you.


Are cats also called pusa?


So how do you know when to use feminine or masculine it still confuses me


In general, the word for cat is 'gato'. But if you want to be more specific with it, you can say 'gata' for a female cat. Saying gato or gatos will always be right, even if the cats are females, because it's like instead of saying 'the female cats' you just said 'the cats'. In short: One male/unknown gendered cat: Un gato. One female cat: Una gata. Multiple male/unknown gendered cats: Los gatos. Multiple female cats: Las gatas.

If you want, you can message me directly for help :)


So you can tell whether they are male or female cats just by whether you say "Las" or "El" ? thanks


Its some what difficult to undertand some sentence


Hoe do you know when to say los gatos BEBEN AGUA or los gatos BEBEN EL AGUA?


For the most part, it will usually be 'Los gatos beben agua', meaning "The cats drink water/The cats are drinking water". If you have a water dish and want to say "The cats are drinking the water now" or something like that, you would say "Los gatos beben el agua ahora." Basically, if you would just say water in English, use agua in Spanish, but if you would say 'the water' in English, say 'el agua' in Spanish.


how do they work out how fluent you are in spanish on this website?


you sat gato when u are talkin about a boy kitty and u say gata when u talkin about a girl kitty, im pretty sure :P


what i cant type the cat drinks


cats dont drink water, they drink beer


So cats drink water and turtles and dogs drink milk...


What's confusing to me is that inanimate abjects are masculine or feminine. How are we supposed to know which is which? I mean, you would think the word dress -vestido- to be feminine, but its masculine. Makes no sense.


well it marked me wrong i spelled it fast


Isa..., el gato for a male, la gata for a female


i was wrong with "the female cats" why duolingo. what do you want?


the cats drink water


Shouldn't g- in the beginning of the word sound like hard "g" and not like "γ"; When is it pronounced hard and when soft? Does it depend on the pronunciation of each country?


could this be translated as "the cats are drinking water"/


this lesson very much repeats this


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) cats

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