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  5. "Mae gen i goffi."

"Mae gen i goffi."

Translation:I have a coffee.

February 18, 2016



Is there a more literal translation for this sentence?


"Is with me coffee"

"gen i" is from "gan" (with) + "i" -- the original form was "gennyf" where the -a- turned into -e- under the influence of the -y- in the next syllable; when the final -f dropped as it does so often, "genny" sounded pretty much like "gen i" which I suppose is why it is spelled like that now; people reanalysing it as "gen" + the word "i" which means "I".


Diolch! That is what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. I think my Irish studying has helped me with some of the structures in Welsh. I love how prepositions are used in both!


Why can't this be "Mae coffi gyda fi", as in the same structure when saying "I have a cat" (Mae cath gyda fi)?


In colloquial Welsh, the two different ways depend on where you come from. In general:

North Wales: Mae gen i ...

South Wales: Mae ... gyda fi

They mean the same thing: "I have ...".


Can one use the word "oes" here too, for example "oes gen i goffi" ?


That's the question: "Do I have coffee?"

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