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  5. "Han köper en annan kostym."

"Han köper en annan kostym."

Translation:He buys a different suit.

February 18, 2016



What is the difference between olika and annan? Also, is there an easy way to tell the difference between the suggested translations of annan (different vs another)?



I'm not a native Swedish speaker, but I think that "olika" means "different", whereas "annan" can mean both "different" as well as "another". So, there is just a slight difference between them.


From what I've gathered just from doing this course (and I could be wrong), "olika" seems to be used when talking about things in an "unalike" qualifying relationship to one another, as in "Han och hans bror är olika"; whereas "annan" is used when discussing things that are in opposition to one another, as in the case above where he buys a completely separate suit from the first choice that the sentence implies to exist ("Han köper en annan kostym, inte den första").

A much simpler way to think about it in my opinion is that if you can't replace the word "different" with "unalike" when speaking the same sentence in English then "olika" would apply, not "annan"


How do you distinguish between meaning "He buys a different suit" versus "He buys another suit" (as in, an additional suit. He bought a suit, then went back to another one). Tack!


'He buys another suit' is for instance Han köper en kostym till (stress on till). A more formal option is Han köper ytterligare en kostym. (Han köper en annan kostym can't mean 'one more', only 'a different one').


Wait, does 'annan' appear in plural constructions as well? Can I say 'han koper annan skor'? Also, is 'andra' the definite form of 'annan'? As in, can I say, 'han koper den andra kostymen' to mean 'he buys the other suit'?


It'll be Han köper andra skor and yes, han köper den andra kostymen means that.


"Andra" can mean in that context both "(the) other/different" as well as "(the) second", right?


Only the one with den andra – if you say just andra skor it'll only mean 'other shoes', not 'the second pair of shoes'.


Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!


Why is the indefinite article 'en' used here in this sentence, and what is its purpose here? It's just like saying, "He buys a another suit."? Tack!


Annan means other. It can take a definite article too (as andra).

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