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First-conversation "cheat sheet"

Does anyone know of any? I thought it could be helpful for feeling a bit less nervous.

By that I mean a list of all the important basic forms (I will, they have, she didn't, we are going to, etc. etc.) and some helpful phrases that are common in conversation.

Phrases like "could you speak more slowly/simply", "how was your day", "that makes sense" (and other forms of agreement), "I see", "etc.", "by the way", "do you understand?", "I can't think just now", "in oder that/to", "A is similar to B", "I think/assume...", "that's silly" "how do you say/write/pronounce (thing)", "My welsh is still terrible" could be useful, and other better ones I couldn't think of. If any Welsh speakers are in this forum I'd appreciate some translations of those sorts of things if nobody finds a sheet. Now there's a clever idea.

February 18, 2016


  • "Where's the loo, please?"
  • "I'm hungry."
  • "I'm thirsty - can I buy you a pint?"


Off the top of my head (since I'm not fluent, someone please correct me if I get these a bit/very wrong...)

  • Ble mae'r ty bach, os gwelwch yn dda?
  • Dw i'n llwglyd
  • Dw i'n sychedig - ga i prynu peint i ti/chi? (Presumably ti if you're having a pint with them, of course!)

As a side note, the phrase "[...] ty bach, os gwelwch yn dda" should be second nature to anyone who grew up in Wales from years of repeating "Ga i fynd i'r ty bach, os gwelwch yn dda".


Well, perhaps they're still chi but you'd like to work towards ti over a pint or two :)

I think ty should be with to bach (circumflex).

And I had heard os gwelwch chi'n dda but I imagine the chi can be left off since the verb form already shows which person it is.


This course uses os gwelwch chi'n dda, I think, but every classroom I was in as a child has used yn dda for please, so I wonder if it's dialectal.

Yeah, you're probably right about tŷ, but I'm lacking such a key on my keyboard! :p

Cheers :)


The Say Something In Welsh bootcamps (one week of ONLY WELSH) apparently give out such cheatsheets so that people who are tongue-tied can have the most important phrases on paper.

It would be interesting to read the ones they give out - I wonder whether anyone here has a copy?


That is true but they also specify that you need to complete the course before going onn the bootcamp (and it costs £250 Sterling plus depending on location/accommodation).

If you need a cheat sheet you are probably not yet ready for a two way conversation. I would recommend trying to hold a conversation with yourself to start with or finding someone at the same level as yourself. In fact trying the SaySomethingInWelsh course is a very good way to practice speaking the language.

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