"A gray soap"

Translation:Szare mydło

February 18, 2016

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I know it hasn't come up in the color lessons yet, but I accidentally typed "Siwy mydło" and it wasn't accepted. Why is that? are Siwy and Szare actually different types of gray? (I blame Geralt of Rivia for that word being etched in my memory so early)


We usually use "siwy" to describe hair color (especially of elderly people). Besides, you used wrong form of the adjective. "siwy" is a masculine adjective, whereas "mydło" is a neuter noun and should be described by neuter adjectives - so "siwe"

BTW, Geralt was called "Biały Wilk" (White Wolf): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxQa9ozzq3c


In the games, sometimes people in the street would yell "Siwy!" at you as you passed by or during fights. :)


well according to dictionary siwy is

  • a very light grey color,
  • a colour of the hair of the person, that has lost it's original colour and is now light gray almost white, with silver reflection. ( also a man with that hair colour)

According to my experience - every person whose hair color has changed and is now between dark gray and pure white can be describes as "siwy". also people with very light blonde hair or with albinism can be nicknamed Siwy/Siwa,


There is also similar situation with red. „Czerwony” is normal red, but hair color is „rudy”.


and with yellow/blond.

But I have a question for the native English speakers, is red really a word to describe all people on the redhead spectre from strawberry blonde to dark auburn? I had hard time wrapping my head around my hair colour being called red.


It totally depends; in the UK and the American South they use more terms, whereas the parts of the US I'm familiar with, I sometimes get called "redhead" just for having a red beard. Things like "auburn", "ash blonde", "platinum blonde", and "ginger" are starting to become a more common terms here, but I don't know if it's from UK English or from the labels on Loreal boxes.

Another unrelated anectdote - my babcia has a HUGE thing about making super mean jokes about "gingers", and I don't know if it's her sense of humor or genuine discrimination. Was this ever a thing in Poland, like it was in the UK, or is she just a special snowflake? Her family all has jet-black hair.


I have never heard one? Are they about red is not trustworthy, false, dyed fox, red witch? - those are the mean stereotypes here.

Blonde jokes are popular, about silly stupid blond girls.

I checked some joke sites. Most "red" jokes are brunette, redhead and blonde do something, brunette is a smart one, redhead is a bit silly, and blonde is very stupid. But the site has like 1000 jokes about blondes and 25 about redheads.


It's probably because red-headed people are so rare - at least in Poland.


Nailed it! She's said things like "Y'know you can't trust 'em" when ginger people show up in TV commercials. It's so, so bizarre.

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