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"Bugün hiç enerjim yok çünkü dün gece hiç uyumadım."

Translation:Today I do not have any energy because I did not sleep at all last night.

February 18, 2016



That's me after doing Duolingo all night long.


I translated the sentence this way: "I have no energy at all today because I didn't sleep at all last night.:

Why doesn't "hiç" mean the same thing in the first part of the sentence and the second part of the sentence?


Building on what Super_Nerd said, in the first clause, 'hiç" is an adjective (made evident by it modifying a noun) and in the second clause it is an adverb (because it is modifying a verb). This has pretty big implications on how it can be translated into English :)

That being said, in some but not all dialects of English, "I didn't sleep any last night" is perfectly fine (I actually prefer to say this, but I am known to speak a lovely variety of Appalachian English that turns a lot of heads in Boston).


Hmm. I find both the explanations here odd. First, in English we would make no differentiation between personal energy and oil energy in choosing whether to say "any" or "at all." If I am translating this sentence into English, shouldn't I observe English rules in the translation? And second, I can't see it makes any difference whether "hiç" is an adjective or an adverb here. "I have no energy at all" equals "I don't have any energy." They state the same idea, but one does it with a positive verb and one does it with a negative verb, which switches you between "no ... at all" and "any." And "hiç" in the dictionary is defined as either one of those.


The sentence you wrote above is accepted already, but I was just pointing out the differences in the two hiç's here :)

Stylistically, I think having "at all" twice in the same sentence sounds really bad, but it isn't wrong. It is accepted :)


While making mention of a personal energy, you say "any energy" to mean "hiç".Actually, "energy at all" has the same meaning but there is a difference for this. If you say "at all", you meant an energy like oil energy etc. I prefer to say "any" for this matter.


"Bugün hiç enerjim yok çünkü dün gece hiç uyumadım." Translation: Today I do not have any energy because I did not sleep at all last night.


Today I do not have any energy because last night I did not sleep at all.

Correct other English answer & word order accepted by Duo.


I wrote “I don't have energy today because I did not sleep last night” and that was marked as incorrect...


I wrote : "today i have no energy because i didn't sleep last night at all" and that was also marked as incorrect. In my native language, it would have been correct too, but apparently, not in English.

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