"Your husband is wearing an ugly shirt."

Translation:Twój mąż nosi brzydką koszulę.

February 18, 2016

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Does 'brzydka' HAVE to go before 'koszule'? I thought Polish had a flexible word order.


Oh our famous flexible word order is not as flexible as you think.

Yes brzydką has to go before koszulę. You cannot separate the adjective and the noun, and there are rules when adjective is before, and when after.
If adjective describes how you see the thing it is always before noun.

If you want to know when adjective goes after the noun look at this discussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13508523

Also other unbreakable rules :

  • never seperate Nie and a verb

  • never separete preposition and the (adjectives/pronouns+) noun

there are also guidelines for normal sentence vs technically grammatically correct but weird sentences.


Aren't both wasz & twój correct here?


Grammatically, yes. Semantically... not in many cultures, I guess ;) "Wasz" is accepted though.

EDIT: Not anymore.


Technically, in a polygamous surrounding, 'wasz' could also work - it isn't grammatically incorrect, is it? So it's not an accepted answer solely based on the rarity of situations where it would be used in such a context?


Exactly. While of course there are cultures where it would make sense, we reject it because having this answer rejected may make someone realize that "twój" and "wasz" are not actually interchangeable.


Yeah, again the problem with learning Polish from English.. When I started this course I thought accepting second person singular from Early Modern English when it was still intact might help meaning that 'Thou' would be an acceptable translation for 'Ty'


In this case it`s possible to translate "your" wasz as well as twoj


I'm not sure if you mean that it should be possible, or that it has been possible half an hour ago, but generally, it shouldn't. "wasz mąż" means that the husband has more than one wife. Sure, there are societies like that, but we want to reject such answers because rejecting them can make someone realize that "twój" and "wasz" don't actually mean the same thing. Deleted now. I have no clue why it worked, it seems that I have deleted it before...

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